28-09-2016 20:32:39

Dawn of Linux

Why a 7 year old game is ported to Linux? FeralPlays Dawn of War II. I have this game already in my library. And if even I already own it, it's likely that everyone has it. ;) I already bought it in a Humble Bundle.

Until today not less then 2500 Games avaiable for Linux. Many hight profile games. Pretty much for a platform that not even reach one percent of the market. Consoles excluded! But forth coming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Warhammer: Total War and many other cool Games.

Why publishers are doing that? Although I obviously really looking forward about it, I can not understand it. Anyway: If one is set to Linux and likes to play, then now is the time for it. Linux gaming has never been better and it might not even be. The winter indoor time may come. :)

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